Professional Services

R.K. Diagnostics tailors its diagnostic and health management solutions to fit each customer's particular environment in terms of machinery, sensors, data acquisition hardware, operational requirements and other parameters.
Based on each customer's needs, R.K. Diagnostics' experts can provide an extensive range of software customization and integration services, including:

  • Design of the customer's diagnostics system architecture (the various software and hardware modules and the interfaces between the modules and the flow of information)
  • Development and adaptation of the algorithms, GUI and other software components
  • Tuning the algorithms to the specific application based on an analysis of the actual data recorded in the monitored application

In addition to the development of Diagnostic algorithms, R.K. Diagnostics also offers a diagnostic service to manufacturers interested in testing their equipment in the design,pre-production or in-service stages. Manufacturers can use R.K. Diagnostics’ algorithms to analyze their own experimental data in order to monitor health and identify potential faults that may require re-design or other improvements. This service leverages the system's capability to manage and analyze very high volumes of data.

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