R.K. Diagnostics develops tailored diagnostic algorithms and associated software and systems’ architecture that enable machinery operators to detect developing faults before they become critical. Applying its unique knowledge and experience in vibration analysis and machinery diagnostics, R.K. Diagnostics' experts work closely with the engineering teams of the manufacturer to obtain an in-depth understanding of the specific needs. Based on this analysis, the architecture of the solution is defined and finalized.

Built around its breakthrough diagnostic algorithms, R.K. Diagnostics provides the software building blocks for the required solution, packages the blocks in the agreed architecture, and then tunes and tests the system using the customer's specific data and machinery. The design of the software and algorithms building blocks facilitates easy adaptation to different customers’ platforms and embedded systems.

While having the knowledge and technology to tackle the most ambitious design goals, R.K. Diagnostics provides a flexible choice of algorithm development options that vary in design and cost.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of professional services including customization and integration services, data analysis and diagnostics, consulting, and training services.

The Challenge

Breakdowns in expensive machinery have significant impact on the profitability of a business. Whether the machinery is being used to propel commercial airliners, operate industrial installations or generate power, the cost of idle equipment is enormous. In addition to downtime and replacement costs, machinery faults often lead to hazardous situations.

Preventative maintenance ensures that equipment is routinely inspected and serviced in an effort to prevent breakdowns from occurring. However, such inspections are expensive and often unnecessary. On the other hand, corrective maintenance has one huge drawback – it can only repair the system after a failure, usually followed by a host of operational and commercial consequences.

To find the optimum balance between corrective and preventative maintenance, many industries are considering a condition-based maintenance (CBM) approach. CBM is based on constant monitoring of critical machinery, such that the right equipment is always maintained at the right time.

R.K. Diagnostics' algorithms support this cost-effective approach by providing automatic and reliable detection of developing faults in various types of machinery and mechanical components, through analysis of various data sources, especially vibro-acoustic signatures. Our diagnostic and health management solutions identify maintenance needs before development of secondary damages occur, enabling guaranteed levels of equipment availability, increased safety and reduced maintenance costs.

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