Business Model

The firm’s business model responds to the needs of companies who wish to integrate Prognostics and Diagnostics capabilities into their specific environment and hardware platforms, and maintain full control of the process, as if it was done by an internal R&D team.

R.K. Diagnostics is unique in the sense that it provides R&D services. This is different from the common practice in the field of Machinery Health Management. Other companies in the field generally prefer to develop complete solutions (Usually Hardware and Software), keep the proprietary software and sell black boxes by the unit.

R.K. Diagnostics focuses on the software development task and its adaptation to the hardware platform of the customer. The firm’s many years experience, the flexible software architecture and the existing building blocks, allows it to be cost effective, quicker and higher quality relative to any other R&D alternatives.

The adaptation to the customer’s platform is achieved by cooperation between the customer’s engineering teams and the engineers of R.K. Diagnostics. The customer provides specifications of the machinery and diagnostics platform (sensors, data capture and processing device), samples of data and insights regarding the design of the machinery, and then the experts of R.K. Diagnostics carries out the task by developing all the necessary software building blocks and adapting it to the customer environment.

The customer is charged for the only for the R&D effort. Adequate protection for any proprietary information revealed to R.K. Diagnostics is guaranteed.

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