The first customers of R.K. Diagnostics automatic diagnostics, prognostics and health management solutions are major European manufacturers in the aerospace business.

Snecma-Groupe Safran selected R.K. Diagnostics as its partner and algorithm supplier for the development of Snecma’s Diagnostics/Health Monitoring system for its civilian jet engines. This joint and ambitious multi-year program will integrate the analysis of vibration signatures with analysis of other types of data to obtain early automatic alerts for evolving wear of engine components.

“Snecma (SAFRAN Group) and RK Diagnostic have initiated a partnership for the development of diagnostic algorithms for aircraft engines based on vibration analysis including signal processing. The first results regarding signal processing for vibration analysis are very satisfying and very encouraging for the final results.

The extensive vibration analysis and diagnostics expertise that R.K. Diagnostics brought to Snecma will make a difference and allow us to provide better solutions to our customers. The quality of their work is of the highest professional standards, always supplied on time and compliant with our expectations.

Using frequent visits and communication lines, the team of R.K. Diagnostics was able to bridge the geographic distance and create outstanding relationships with Snecma's engineering teams.

We are very pleased with the results of the partnership with R.K. Diagnostics.”

Serge Blanchard - Snecma PHM team manager

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