R. K. Diagnostics' team is carefully selected, emphasizing a strong background in software and algorithms development. The majority of the professional force holds high technical degrees (M.Sc.'s and Ph.D's).

Collectively, the team comprises unparalleled in-depth knowledge in the fields of signal processing, vibro-acoustics signatures, machinery diagnostics, classification methods, feature selection and extraction, artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling and procedures for reliability and quality assurance.

R.K. Diagnostics leverages this bank of knowledge and expertise in its core business - developing algorithms for diagnostics of machinery and vibration analysis. In particular, our professional staff has experience in designing and managing the complete development cycle of diagnostic systems for critical machinery (from concept to product).

R.K. Diagnostics is run by an experienced management team with decades of experience providing solutions and algorithms in the fields of machinery diagnostics, vibration analysis, signal processing and pattern recognition.

For two and a half decades, Renata Klein has dedicated her professional career to development and research in the fields of signal processing and machinery diagnostics. In her current role as CEO and CTO of R.K. Diagnostics, she defines and provides solutions for major customers in the Aerospace business. In addition to her work in R.K. Diagnostics, Renata conducts research programs, lectures and supervises Ph.D. and M.Sc. students in the PHM lab at Ben Gurion University.

Prior to the foundation of R.K. Diagnostics, Renata was the Chief Scientist and the head of Diagnostics & Prognostics division of RSL Electronics. In this role, she defined and led the full development cycle of a Health Monitoring system for helicopters, UAV's and aircraft engines. Renata is also the inventor of U.S. Patent "Method and System for Diagnostics and Prognostics of a Mechanical System".

Prior to that she was employed by Rafael – The Israeli Armament Development Authority, where she worked for 17 years, managing the Analysis group of Environmental engineering. In this role she led research and algorithm development for analysis of data from lab tests and field operations, such as vibration data, acoustics, dynamic pressure and sea/road/flight parameters. She was also personally involved in planning of field tests, measurement and diagnostics of problematic machinery components. In this capacity she became an expert in analysis of vibration signatures of machinery, structure defects and instability of rocket engines.

Renata obtained her Ph.D. degree from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. Her academic research, for M.Sc. and Ph.D. was entirely in the field of signal processing and diagnostics of machinery. She is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space of the Technion, teaching Signal Processing and Machinery Diagnostics to Graduate Students.

Moty joined R.K. Diagnostics management team after several years in which he built a private career as a Clinical Psychologist.

Prior to that, Moty worked at Intel's Israel-based design center, where, over 16 years of service, he held several managerial positions leading Hardware and Software design groups. During the last 10 years in which he worked for Intel, he was a member of the Design Center management staff, reporting to the Design Center CEO.

Moty received his B.Sc. in Electrical engineering from the Technion. He also holds an MBA from Boston University and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Haifa University.

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