R.K. Diagnostics Ltd. offers custom-tailored software and algorithm development services in the area of automatic diagnostics, prognostics and health management of critical high value machinery. The firm incorporates leading-edge technologies from multiple disciplines in its analysis of vibration, acoustic and other data to deliver powerful algorithms for reliable early fault detection in various types of machinery and mechanical components.

R.K. Diagnostics' breakthrough technology delivers unmatched diagnostic capabilities:

  • Precise vibrations-based diagnostics of mechanical components
  • High-resolution analysis based on generic physical models
  • Multi perspective signal analysis
  • Accurate distinction between different sources of excitation
  • Advanced classification technologies including anomaly detection
  • Fully automatic processing of large volumes of data

R.K. Diagnostics specializes in developing optimal solutions for its customers, including some of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers. We work closely with the customer's engineering teams, assisting in the integration of our algorithms into the customer's platforms, thus lowering maintenance costs and improving reliability and safety. Our team has decades of cumulative experience in analysis of mechanical vibrations, including designing and managing the complete development cycle – from concept to airborne product – of diagnostic systems for helicopters, UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and aircraft engines.

Founded in Israel in 2006, R.K. Diagnostics is fully owned by its founder, Dr. Renata Klein, an expert and innovator in the fields of vibration analysis and machinery diagnostics. Company offices are located in the Northern Galilee region of Israel.

R.K. Diagnostics is committed to the quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness of our methods and processes in accordance with ISO-9000 and AS-9100 quality standards. Our developed products are compatible with OSA-CBM v3.1 standard (Open Systems Architecture for Condition Based Maintenance) and implement ISO-13374 functional specifications.

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