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R.K. Diagnostics Ltd. offers custom-tailored software and algorithm development services in the area of automatic diagnostics, prognostics and health management of critical machinery, with a special focus on diagnostics of vibro-acoustic signatures.

The flexible software architecture and the accumulated knowledge and experience allows the company to offer to its customers an alternative to in-house R&D effort, which is superior in terms of effectiveness, cost and timetable.

The firm incorporates leading-edge technologies from multiple disciplines in its vibration, acoustic and other data analysis to deliver powerful algorithms for sophisticated and reliable early fault detection in various types of machinery and mechanical components.

R.K. Diagnostics' breakthrough technology delivers unmatched diagnostic capabilities:

  • Precise vibrations-based diagnostics of mechanical components
  • High-resolution analysis based on generic physical models
  • Multi perspective signal analysis
  • Accurate distinction between different sources of excitation
  • Advanced classification technologies including anomaly detection
  • Fully automatic processing of large volumes of data

R.K. Diagnostics' customers include leading aerospace manufacturers.

"The extensive vibration analysis and diagnostics expertise that R.K.Diagnostics brought to Snecma will make a difference and allow us to provide better solutions to our customers. The quality of their work is of the highest professional standards, always supplied on time and compliant with our expectations."(read more)

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